Life is a beautiful gift, and every life is precious.

This is true of the youngest to the oldest of us. From the strongest to the weakest. From the smartest to the…well, you get the picture.

One of the greatest evils in the world today completely ignores this truth, and it is perfectly legal in the United States, among other nations. It’s an evil that isn’t seen as an evil by nearly half of Americans. What’s worse, people actually encourage others to consider engaging in this evil.

This evil is abortion, the murdering of babies.

My aim with this website is to expose the horrors of abortion in simple, yet forceful ways. My goal is to be as direct as possible, stating simple truths in simple ways. Sometimes this means I will grossly reduce morally complex arguments to one or two very biased sentences, but I do this intentionally to further emphasize the truth that abortion isn’t really a gray area of morality. Abortion is evil, plain and simple.

But I also hope to point out the wonder and beauty of life. Life is a miracle! We’re only here on this earth for a brief time, so let’s not take that away from others. Let’s experience life to the fullest, and allow others to experience life to the fullest, because life is too precious to waste.

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