Feeling guilty? God’s grace is available to you.

Have you already had an abortion? Have you encouraged friends to abort when they said they weren’t ready to have children? Maybe you’ve been duped by our culture into believing that abortion was the loving or humane choice, and you honestly thought you were making the best decision at the time.

These actions and thoughts often come along with a good deal of guilt and baggage, especially when your eyes are opened to the truth about babies in the womb.

But there’s hope. You can have peace.

The purpose of this website is not to make you feel guilty because you’ve had an abortion. We’ve all messed up in many ways. The Bible calls this sin, because we’ve broken God’s commands. And the penalty for sin is Hell. Separation from God. Eternal death.

Every last one of us has sinned against God.

But the good news is that God wants His grace to be poured over your whole life, covering all your sin, so that you would be forgiven.

God provided a way for this to be possible. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, lived a perfect life, never sinning even once. And then He died on a cross for our sin. For your sin. And then Jesus rose from the grave, showing that He conquered sin and death.

If you trust in Jesus Christ and repent of your sin, God will forgive you. And He will give you peace and joy in your life.

If you want to begin a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ, please contact me. I would love to help you to trust in Christ and begin to follow Him as your Savior and Lord.

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