Cast of Characters

I may add a new character from time to time, but here’s the cast of characters as of right now.

Billy the Older Baby

Billy, the Older Baby

This is Billy, the older baby. Billy has some experience living in the real world. Sometimes he offers some wisdom and facts, but sometimes he’s also a bit cynical about things. The world tends to make us callous to the evils that take place in it. Overall, though, Billy is sympathetic to the unborn and wants to see a world where babies are all given the chance to live.

Nicki the Newborn

Nicki, the Newborn

This is Nicki, the newborn. Nicki is just happy to be alive! She’s experiencing life outside of the womb for the first time, which is exciting, and scary, and an adventure that she’s eagerly looking forward to.

Frank the Fetus

Frank, the Fetus

This is Frank, the “fetus”. Frank is 20 weeks along. He can hear, feel, eat, and kick. He has a strong heartbeat, and very active brain activity. Yet Frank is constantly worrying about his future. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever see his mom and dad.

Zack the Zygote

Zack, the Zygote

This is Zack, the zygote. Zack is a single-celled little person who very recently came into existence because of the union of his father’s sperm and mother’s egg. Zack is in the most danger, and he doesn’t even know it.

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